Minimlism: 4 great starting points

I’d like to expand on minimalism further in future posts, but for now, if it’s something you’ve heard about and are interested in, these are some sources of information I found really helpful and thought provoking.

Marie Kondo: The life changing magic of tidying

I read Marie Kondo’s book last year, and I wasn’t sure about the proposal at first  – “You want me to throw away all my stuff? Just bag it up and put it in the trash? But I’ll need it!” – but the more I thought about it, and the more everyday I felt more frustrated at having to clean and tidy all of said stuff, the more it made sense. While Marie doesn’t attribute her plan to minimalism, it is very similar to the developing idea of minimalism -not as an art movement, but rather a lifestyle, an answer to ‘peak stuff’, and a way of seeking non-materialistic happiness. I would personally much rather sell/donate/gift/recycle my old belongings, but hey, whatever works.

The Minimalists:

These guys are the original and best: their TED talk is a great summary of what they’re about too. They go much deeper than just tidy and get right to, what’s important to you in life? Stuff or People?

Graham Hill: Less stuff more happiness

Graham’s TED talk about saving $200k in real estate, just by having less stuff, is one of the most thought provoking TED talks I have seen. Also, spending my money wisely is really important to me, so I like to see the financial benefits of minimalism being covered.

Mr. Money Moustache: Early retirement through badassity

Which brings me to Mr. MM, who is all about saving money – specifically, saving enough to retire at 30! While that seems like a distant dream for most of us, his ideas can work for anyone: treat debt like its the plague, save as much of your income as you can, and then invest it wisely. It’s easier to start at the first blog, to get a bit of context.

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