Minimalism: my excuses

When I get to tackling the mad mess in our spare room, there are a couple of things that always seem to run through my mind, and sometimes convince me to put whatever it is back down and leave it. But there are some simple, logical reasons to ignore all of these excuses:

This might be useful one day: I hate the idea that I might throw something away, and then need to buy it again, because I hate wasting money. This is harder than ever while we are doing lots of DIY, because there are lots of tools and things we need. But once we are done, we should be able to donate or give a lot of it away.

Someone bought this for me: This is always a really difficult thing to get past. I feel guilty for wanting to get rid of something someone gave me, as if getting rid of it indicates that I don’t care about them, or imagine of they noticed?? But, I try to remember that the gift was given in kindness, and not intended to make me unhappy or weigh me down – and I show that I care about the person who gave it by giving them gifts in return (although I suppose I should really try to buy useful, consumable gifts in the future?)

I want to wear it!: I have dozens of cocktail dresses that I have amassed over the years, which I really want to wear, but I rarely go out anymore – Marie Kondo says you should pick items up, and ask “does this item spark joy?” Well, the answer is yes for most of these things, but I am going to try to get rid of some of them anyway – I do not need 40 dresses.

I have to sell this, it’s too valuable to give away/donate: I am furiously frugal, so I find it hard to give away something that’s valuable, if I think it’s worth even £5/£10. The problem is, even if something is worth that much, it may not sell very quickly or at all, afterall, I bet there are millions of people out there, all trying to minimalise their lives! So instead, I am going to try to find the feel good factor in donating useful items to charity shops (I think you call them thrift stores in the US?) so that someone more needy can buy them, and the shop will make money for a good cause.


What do you struggle with when you’re decluttering you house? Do you find it hard to get rid of sentimental items too? Do you have any tips on how to overcome these things?


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