My dirty little secret

You might be wondering, why am I so interested in minimalism? Well, just take a look at my spare room – now it makes sense!


The main reason this room is so cluttered, is that we are still painting our lounge, and most of the furniture in this room will go in the lounge once its finished. The bags on the floor, I have no excuse for however. They are the result of having way too much at our last house, and not enough time to move or pack everything carefully.

BUT I view this concentration of chaotic mess as a good thing – it means everything I have to sort through and get rid of (or find a home for) is all in one room! So simple for me!

My plans this weekend involve trampolining, and starting on this mess – I will keep you updated on what I get up to.

What does your spare room look like? Do you have a secret mess to sort out? Where would you start?

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  1. We used to have a spare room like that as a result of whenever we’d have people over we’d quick throw everything into the room then never go back to clean it up! The only way to really fix the problem for us was to get rid of the spare room😊

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