4 unexpected benefits of vegetarianism

You have probably heard that eating less meat is good for your health, especially after the WHO officially categorized processed meat as a carcinogen (something that gives you cancer) but here are some benefits I have noticed that I wasn’t expecting:


1. It’s really hard to get food poisoning I’m not saying it’s impossible; if you chow down on some raw eggs or expired yogurt you could definitely manage it if you wanted to. But because I rarely have to deal with any raw meat (only when my boyfriend occasionally wants to eat it), or anything that’s touched it, there’s far less room for error in the kitchen. I guess you could say that vegetarian cooking is actually easier in that respect.

2. Chickpeas are amazing whether you eat them in houmous, falafels, or added to pasta or curries (I especially love chana dahl! I will post a recipe soon) chickpeas are really delicious, full of protein and really versatile. If you are thinking about going veggie, give them a try.

3. Picnics are a lot easier have you ever taken some sandwiches or cold meats to a picnic, and after a few hours thought “I’m not sure if it’s still safe to eat these!. It makes more sense to take a vegetarian picnic out in hot weather. Although I would still keep cheeses/yogurts, in fact all food as cool as possible in a cool bag or box.

4. I have saved so much money I knew meat was expensive, but I didn’t realize how expensive it was compared to eggs and plant protein – I never noticed before but at restaurants, vegetarian options are always cheaper! I would estimate I save about £10 a week compared to when I ate meat – even though I am less careful with my food budget now, and treat myself to meals out quite often.


By giving up meat very very slowly (it’s taken over a year!) you can give your body enough time to get used to eating different foods, and learn how to cook lots of vegetarian foods. I have stopped drinking milk and stopped eating butter and yogurt – it wasn’t because I purposely wanted to become a vegan, it’s just that reading about how dairy cows are treated made me not want to drink milk, or anything made with it! However I still eat cheese; I think it will take me a long time to be able to give up cheese, but maybe one day.

It’s worth noting that on this diet, you would perhaps need to start taking a vitamin B12 supplement – the best sources of B12 are meat and fish, and if you don’t consume a lot of dairy, you could become deficient.



Disclaimer: I am not a health professional – the above is just my personal experience and opinion. Please don’t eat any expired food, it’s bad for you. Please do lots of research before making any changes to your diet. Thanks 🙂


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