Peak stuff and beyond

I own a blender. I own a juicer. I own a multitude of mismatching glasses, cutlery, and bowls. I own about 40 dresses, when I only wear a dress once or twice a week. I have every school report I ever got, neatly stacked in a drawer in folders, taking up the entire drawer.

I own four lamps when I only need one.

Sometimes, I feel like I am drowning in stuff. But I also find it so hard to get rid of it. I have a millennials desire for order and simplicity, paired with my parents adage of ‘make do and mend’ and of ‘it’ll come in useful one day’.

But there’s one really simple way to start dealing with this – stop buying stuff! I now question myself, before I buy anything new: do I want this or need this? Will I use this? Will this item improve my life? If I can’t answer yes to these questions then I don’t buy it. And if I’m not sure, I give it a couple of days – if I still think I need it then I get it. Big purchases (and this is just the way I have always been) I tend to mull over for months – it took me about 3 months to decide on the exact phone I wanted last year.

And so, from what I hope is the peak, I now begin descending down the mountain of stuff; one of the lamps is sold on Gumtree, and two bags of clothes are going to the charity (thrift) shop tomorrow. A big part of me wants to keep the N64 console I found, but another part sees that its been in a plastic bag for 4 years, and now is time to part ways.

I’m thinking of making some videos next time I clear things out, although I want to find a good way of filming over head while I do! Any tips? maybe some tall furniture and lots of tape! I’ll have a go.



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