Camping for the weekend: packing light

My partner and I are going to a family festival this weekend; its a yearly event where lots of family from different parts of the country get together, and catch up and eat and drink and sit by the camp fire. My uncle is a forester (someone who manages a forest or looks after a protected area) and he always prepares huge bits of wood, a foot or so thick that burn for hours and hours, they are beautiful to behold: I’ll try to get some good pictures!

I’m going to be making some vegan flapjacks, and stuffed mushrooms this week (recipes to follow soon) because they are easy to transport, they keep well, and I can wrap the mushrooms in foil to cook by the fire. I might also take some eggs so we can have eggs in the morning.

I will try to capture some nice photos of the farm for you while I’m there, and post them early next week: there is absolutely no phone signal there, so I will only be online if I go into the town. But I like that! I think its good to disconnect for a little while now and then.

I’ve finally made a plan for some YouTube videos, so if you are interested in seeing how I will declutter my house, stay tuned.


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    Thank you and have an amazing day 🙂


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