DIY update: How to apply window frosting


I had been considering buying net curtains for a long time, because the window outside our downstairs bathroom is not very private (our neighbours are always outside). But net curtains can look messy, and need to be cleaned etc., so instead, I found some window frosting and learned how to fit it – it was actually surprisingly easy!

Now it looks nice and neat, and I was able to recycle the toaster box which we were using to keep it private before! I bought the frosting on eBay for about £4, and I bought 50cm x 100cm so I have quite a bit left over. If this is something you want to try, here are some easy steps to follow to fit it yourself:

  1. Equipment you are going to need: some frosting, a tape measure, scissors, a ruler (I forgot this and improvised with a chopping board!), a squeegy thing (like what you might use for a car windscreen?) and a spray bottle.
  2. Clean the window just give it a really good scrub, make sure the surface if free of dirt because if there are any lumps it can show after you put the frosting on (you can see our neighbours back door in this picture, and why it’s not so private!).blogpic18
  3. Measure the window you can just measure it across and down, but I found with my window (after cutting and wasting some frosting!) that it was 3mm wider at the top than the bottom, so if in doubt, measure at four points; across top and bottom, and down, left and right.
  4. Mark out and cut the frosting try to cut it with a really straight line to get a good finish.
  5. Add one drop of washing up liquid to a spray bottle with water, and spray/drench the window you cannot spray too much water really – the idea is that when you place the frosting on the window, you can manouvre it into place because the water barrier stops it from sticking straight away, and avoids it getting stuck on itself.blogpic17
  6. Peel the backing off the frosting, spraying the sticky side of the frosting as you go
  7. Once both the window and frosting are wet with the washing up/water mix, take it to the window and carefully put it in place: blogpic19You will see some little bubbles under the frosting but that’s OK, that’s what the squeegy/wiper thing is for.blogpic20
  8. With the frosting held in the correct place, start squeezing the water out from under the frosting, starting from the middle and working outwards when the water is out, the frosting will change colour slightly and you will see that it’s now stuck to the window:blogpic21

Do you have any windows you could use some privacy with? You can use the frosting across just a portion of a window too, so there are lots of options. I’m really pleased with it as it lets loads of light in, and I can now shower in peace!


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