Camping was… rainy

It was glorious on the first day of camping, we got the fire roaring and I saw loads of

family – some I haven’t seen in 3 years. I made the vegan stuffed mushrooms for my mum and auntie and they really liked them. My mum is a pescetarian and my auntie is a vegetarian so they were a good choice. I got some of these 1 second exposure shots of the fire which looked so pretty. I tried to get a long exposure of the stars, because they are so clear and bright out of the city, but sadly my camera couldn’t do it; it’s definitely time for an upgrade! (I currently have the Canon SX710 HS, which is a great camera in some respects, and shoots HD video, but I am looking to upgrade to a Canon 70D or 700d depending on my budget – they are DSLR cameras which I use at work, and you can get a much crisper picture and much more control over the shot).

But then on the second day, it rained. It rained and rained; my auntie said it was the worst storm there in 50 years. It even hailed at one point, and it felt like the lightening was going right overhead. I posted this video on YouTube, so you can see the rain!

After spending about 4 hours running around trying to figure out what to do – because our tent had begun to leak – we ended up staying in the “Craft Shed”, which is a large shed where my auntie does her basket weaving. We were all drenched from the rain, but there was a wood burner so we lit it up and hung up our wet clothes, got changed, and put on some old VHS movies – it was a shame about the weather but it was nice to feel all cosy.

Unfortunately I got a killer cold because I got so cold and wet, so I have been out of action for a few days! After lots of rest, vitamin C, and Lemsip I am almost back to normal.

How was your bank holiday weekend?

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