Is canned fruit good for you?

I watched this Youtube video today about canned fruit specifically, but it seems it applies to all fruits and vegetables. I will sum it up for you simply here: not as good as fresh, or even dried.

Canned foods have lower levels of some vitamins because of the heat involved in the canning process, and studies have shown them to be less beneficial to your health.

I always kind of assumed that this was the case, but it’s good to know for sure, and see the evidence – I would recommend checking out the video.  I haven’t bought tinned fruit in years, BUT, I do buy a lot of tinned beans and legumes (chickpeas are number one, and butter beans, black eyed beans, kidney beans etc.) have you ever come across any research about the affects on protein content for canning beans and peas? Let me know!

For now, I’m going to stick to fresh, frozen and dried fruits and vegetables.



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