House renovations

This week we have made a little bit of progress on our house; our extended lounge room is still a mess, but we have got a whole coat of paint on the room!

So far, we have stripped off three coats of horrible wallpaper (which if you are planning to have a go, this tutorial for using warm water ONLY! was really helpful) then used filler for the MILLION holes/dents in the walls, painted on a first coat of paint, and then we went over with filler for even smaller holes. We are just about ready for a second coat of paint now after sanding, but we also need to clean the ceiling.

The people who lived here before us were retired, smoked 40 cigarettes a day each and all inside; every surface of the inside of the house has had to be cleaned (so gross) and off comes a greasy orange colour. It comes off of plastic/tile/glass surfaces fairly easily, but unfortunately it really seeps into painted surfaces. So I’ll be cleaning the painted ceilings with a warm water and vinegar solution, and hoping for the best.

Now that the weather is getting a little bit cooler, we are really keen to get the lounge finished so we can enjoy it; it’s nearly time to start curling up each evening to watch movies or listen to music, instead of going out for walks or socialising. We were planning to refit the carpet ourselves (again, many helpful youtube videos available to learn how to do this) but because we are short on time, and its a big, difficult job, we have agreed that we will pay to have a new carpet fitted. Again, the reason for needing to refit the carpet is, it was left in a terrible state – ash and dirt and mud!

We have also really progressed with decluttering; we took five bags of stuff to the charity shop this week – but I will update on this in another post.

Are you planning any house renovations right now, are you going to have a go yourself? What’s your inspiration?



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