Let’s talk about dresses.

I have come to the realisation that when it comes to dresses, having one or two just doesn’t work for me. The plain fact is that if I’m going to a party, I don’t want to wear a dress I have already worn that year. YEAR. To allow for wearing a mixture of dresses, I just have to have a big dress closet. I even keep them separately from the rest of my clothes, because I know I almost never wear them!

I probably own about 30 dresses right now, but I have also given away at least ten this year, when reviewing my wardrobe and donating to charity shops.

But I think I’m OK with it. I have decluttered our house a lot this year, and whenever I get to my dresses, for most of them I think “I definitely want to wear this again, and it definitely sparks joy!” So I guess maybe dresses will be my one collection.

I have, however, decided I would like to put more time and thought into curating my collection; I need to try them all on, check for threads or stains (these babies have seen lots of parties atferall!) and make sure that they are actually ready to wear. I will also have a one in, one out policy, to stop it from getting out of control.

So that’s enough focus on clothes for now. The next step is to go through the kitchen and clear out all the utensils and pots we don’t use – there are tons!

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