Decluttering: an update

I haven’t posted a picture of this room before, because it was just too much of a mess. It would have hurt your eyes. After we moved, we put everything in th

is room, to keep the large lounge room downstairs clear for redecorating. We are still redecorating, but there are a few more items downstairs; the foldaway dining table and a few chairs. Even though we know most of the contents of this room will eventually live somewhere else, seeing it all together has motivated us to get rid of more stuff. Just seeing it all piled up on top of each other puts it into clearer perspective; we don’t need all this!

The printer has gone, along with a fry pan, a juicer, a mandolin, 4 bags of clothes, a Nintendo64, wires with no purpose, a lamp, things that are broken or have already been replaced.

There is still so much more to do though. We currently have two wardrobe rails; one in our bedroom and one in our spare room. But I believe that this process gets easier the further you go; at first, the thought of giving everything away seems uncomfortable and difficult, but the more things I let go of, the more I realise I didn’t need them anyway.


My boyfriend has been great; at first he hated the idea of down sizing our stuff, but he is coming round to the idea. It has been a learning process for both of us. Somedays he is even more ruthless than I am – and gives away more than I do!

Time, and winter especially, will tell, and I will see how many of the items on this rail get worn, and which never do, and then it will be their turn to be loved by somebody else.


Have you been decluttering recently? Which room do you find the hardest?



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