I can’t believe this is my first post in October! Sorry guys – I was away this weekend – and I actually wrote half of a post called “Work work work work work” but didn’t get to finish it!

So I am on the train to London again today – filming with some colleagues in my organisation, and then I am going to a design briefing to look at a storyboard for a film we’ll be making in November. All very exciting.

I’ve been feeling a bit down for the past week or so; I’m pretty sure the darker evenings and colder mornings are to blame, but general life stresses will always play a part too. Where will I be working in 6 months time? Will I be able to make enough money? How will I save enough for a year away travelling at this rate?

I am still trying to really focus on spending as little as possible, buying only what I need and appreciating the little things; spending time with family and my boyfriend, and my friends. It’s the time of year for being healthy, watching movies, warm spices in coffees (if you’re into that) and reading more.

I’m reading an old Terry Pratchett book called “Strata” right now, it’s very good. What are you reading? I need some more books to add to the pile!

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