New Colours

So my design meeting went well yesterday. The organisation I work for is rebranding in a few months, so we are meeting with the design agency who designed the new brand, to get a better understanding of it and what the underlying intentions are. It’s exciting for me because almost everything I have designed for the past year has had to adhere to a strict and limited amount of colours, and it will be nice to have a change in that respect.

It was also interesting to see what operations are like at a London design agency – it wasn’t quite as colourful and exciting as I expected, but I guess that’s just the outside perspective. Their ideas for how to present the new brand in the video we will make were very good, although very prescriptive.

It’s nice to be home in little Norwich again today; I never want to feel like I do exactly the same thing everyday, but I do like a modicum of routine. I think when I’m walking a familiar route, it gives me more brain space to think about my day, or whats going on in the world; and then, when I’m on holiday, I get completely lost and enjoy focusing all my energy on finding my way in a new place.

Do you like routine? Or do you like things to be different everyday?

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  1. Yes, routine’s ok for a while and then it starts to strangle you. That’s why ‘Im glad my yoga class breaks for the summer holidays -times,to find something different to do.


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