I’m back

Hi you.

I’ve been gone for a while – I got some bad news and was under a bit of pressure towards the end of last year, and keeping this blog up-to-date was unfortunately one of the things that slipped. I found out in October/November that I would be losing my job – and this Friday is my last day.

For some people, losing a job probably isn’t a big deal; if you don’t particularly like your job, you can just start a new one, no harm no fair, there is the stress of loss of earnings, but this is reality for many of us anyway. But I really loved my job. I loved the team I worked in, the work I did, the hours, the pay was good, I got to travel occasionally, but not too much, and my boss was an incredibly kind and understanding person.

I realise I probably sound ridiculous, because I should feel lucky to have had that opportunity, but it can be hard to let good things go.

I am also very lucky to have found a new job to start soon – it closer to my house, which is great, and I might be able to have lunch with my boyfriend sometimes, but the work itself may be less design oriented. I won’t know until I start, but they were keen to stress that there would be a lot more “spreadsheets” involved. I don’t mind spreadsheets, but only time will tell how I get on. You can’t really predict all the other important things about your work, like your colleagues, the atmosphere, and the relationship you create with your manager.

Interestingly, all of this made me question a lot of things; what I was writing here, why I was writing it. Do I want to have an aspirational blog? Where you only see the things I want you to see, and pretend my life is always perfect? Or do I want to be real, and share my ups and downs, whether reading them makes you feel “better” or not?

I have always been a very honest person, so I would err towards the latter, but I suppose I just have to decide how much I share. Right now all my thoughts are on the end and start dates for my jobs, and the three extra pounds of wobble on my belly from Christmas – but that’s not very interesting is it!

So, in general, I am filled with uncertainty about 2017 – I don’t know what it will hold yet, but I will very soon. I’ll keep you updated more often so you know I haven’t just dropped off the planet.

Do you have any advice about first days at work? Its been a while, and I’m a little nervous about meeting lots of new people!


  1. Thanks for following my blog 🙂
    The next few weeks I’ll be posting a lot about my trips to Düsseldorf and London. If possible I’ll try to write some more about cheaper travelling as well 🙂
    I see you write about vegetarianism (yay recipes! Do you have any easy breakfast/lunch ideas?) and minimalism. I’m also trying to lessen the amount of things I have (not buying new things is quite easy, though cleaning up all the things I already have is more difficult!), but I’m not really writing about that on my blog (I do try to focus on travelling, with some things about my other hobbies like sewing as well).


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