A trip to Paris

Me and my beau are going to Paris in a few weeks. I can’t wait! We’re only going to be there for 48 hours, down to the minute, but it’s our first holiday for about 10 months and I think it’s going to be great. Because our time is so short, I have planned everything down to the min- well, down to the half hour. My boyfriend likes to feel wacky and spontaneous, so I have not shared all of my careful planning with him. That way, he gets to feel like things are just happening ‘spontaneously’ (even though I know that the only way we have time to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower is because I booked tickets weeks ago).

We will arrive in London at approximately 10:50, and board the Eurostar at St Pancras International at 12:15. This gives us just enough time to cross London, check in for the trip, and grab croissants and coffee. I have taken the Eurostar once before, but not to Paris; I booked a train during the day so hopefully we will see some nice views along the way.

We arrive at the Gare du Nord at 4pm, and from there commute to our apartment. I considered booking a hotel because the trip is so short, but I really just like having our own space – an so with an Airbnb we can have breakfast and coffee before going out to explore. The first things on the agenda for that evening are a brief trip to Notre Dame – we should be able to arrive just as the sun is setting. After some completely spontaneous kisses and romance, from 6:05pm to 6:25pm, we will then head to a small cocktail bar called The Red Door, locatable to newcomers because of it’s titled appearance. We will aim to arrive soon after their opening time of 6pm, because it’s popular and will get busy later.

After one very expensive but exciting cocktail we will have dinner in the area near pompidou; I have a couple selected so that whichever street we happen to walk down, I can suggest a nice one, with vegetarian options. And then to bed because we will no doubt be shattered after our long day.

Sunday is our only full day in the city, so we will start with a quick breakfast at the apartment, and make our way to the Eiffel Tower for 11:30; the walk takes just over an hour, but we will leave 2 so that we can meander a little and observe other interesting sights on the way (nothing kills the spontaneity like saying “that’s lovely but we have to be at ** in ten minutes!”) at 12pm we observe the beautiful views from the top of the tower. I should probably point out at this stage, that I am not expecting a proposal; we have been together for 3 years, and living together for 2, but I don’t think it’s the right time yet. Hopefully he agrees!


Museums in Paris are free to enter on the first Sunday of each month, which is, coincidentally, when we will be there. Sadly the Musee du Louvre is fully booked already on the Sunday however, so we will instead go to the Pompidou, after walking through the Grand Palais gardens. If we have time we may also go to the Musee d’Orsay, before another fancy dinner somewhere in the 1st arrondissement. And then, perhaps, we can have a little time to be spontaneous – I’ll let him decide what we do from then on.

Monday will be our day to see the Louvre; I haven’t booked anything else in because it’s so massive, it will take hours just to walk around a small portion of the gallery. We will check out from the apartment before setting off – and we will go directly to Gare du Nord for our return home. But not before a nice relaxed lunch with good coffee before we go.


What else would you do? Do you know any nice places to visit in Paris? or have you never been before?


  1. I have been to Paris several times.
    It is a lovely city, very walkable but since everything is just SO picturesque, you get “distracted” easily (in a nice way) and distances stretch and time just passes by.
    You should not forget to check out the parks in Paris, they are exquisite. My favorites are “Jardin de Luxembourg” and the “Jardin de Touileries” (bordering to the Louvre).

    I wrote about Paris as well, you can take a look. You might find it useful.

    Have fun. It is such a gorgeous place!


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