The problem with a Minimalist wardrobe.

If you read my posts last year about trying to simplify, and in that process, have a simpler wardrobe, you will know that this is something I dreamily aspire to; the perfect minimalist wardrobe, with 30 items of clothing which all go well together and a colour palette that suits me down to a T.

Sadly, this is the real world and that is never going to happen. I definitely wear a lot of yellow and mustard, and that was probably my favourite colour – right up until last week, when I was blessed with a new, mustard-coloured office chair at work. The “Ooh you match your chair” comments have inevitably ensued, and now my mustard love feels over exposed and self conscious.  Maybe it’s time for a new colour (could I ever embrace millennial pink?? hmmm).

And so, the main problem with this minimalist aspiring wardrobe I have cobbled together, now summer is approaching, is that I am staring at a rail of simple, monochromatic clothes, and all I want is to wear something that screams “I AM SO EXCITED BECAUSE IT’S NEARLY SUMMER!!!” (I don’t event think the mustard is going to cut it at this stage).

I basically want to dress like this building.

I went straight to the online sale rails, knowing that without the capital for a whole new wardrobe I would need some bargain brights. And the same, lifeless, grey clothes, row after row, appeared.

I then took myself to the real shops; I thought surely there must be some colour somewhere, I mean it’s time to shop for summer goddammit! I found a few colourful sale rails, but nothing that really did the job, and mostly more of the muted, silk and jersey pieces – a few ruffles here, a bit of tulle there but more of the same. I thought the grey craze was supposed to be a reaction against the hyper consumerist nature of the fashion industry, but has it just become part of it? Am I becoming a basic bitch?

How am I going to dig myself out of this hole? As far as I can see, I have two options: I can completely rebel against any iteration of what fashion is or ‘should be’, and I can dig up some deeply colourful, rebellious pieces in the charity shops, and vintage markets, of which there are many in my town. Ebay is my new best friend; it’s just supplied me with a rainbow striped bralet, and a new green jumper.

My other option? Stick with my hot grey mess of a wardrobe – with a few minor updates. After all, what shows up the grey for how boring it is, more than wearing it with neon pink/yellow? Grey could easily die a quiet, unnoticed death, and maybe it shouldn’t be allowed to.

I think option 1 suits me best; I don’t think I could honestly wear a colour out of spite.

I am at least glad that my interest in minimalism has taught me that in fact, I love wearing colour, and while I still aim to reduce the number of my other possesions (who ever used that spiralizer anyway?) I think the clothes can stay, even if they don’t all fit in my wardrobe.

The green jumper is already on it’s way to me. And it doesn’t match my chair.

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