Shower Thoughts, Vol. 1

Schrödinger’s Pizza: now stay with me on this one. The problem is, I love pizza. I love cheese tomatoes and bread, so the combination of the three is just joyous, but eating a lot of pizza makes you fat, and I don’t want to be fat. Enter Schrödinger’s Pizza. It even comes in a box, if that helps you to accept this analogy. Before you have eaten a slice of pizza, it technically has an unknown level of tastiness. It has the same, completely unknown quantity of tastiness as my salad, right up until you put it in your mouth. Schrödinger’s Pizza is both tasty and un-tasty, and far easier to pass up on. I can live without pizza for the most part, if I can assume it has unknown tastiness.

The shower is going to leak! The water is moving towards the door! I’m making a mental note to buy drain un-blocker (I make the same mental note everyday, and then promptly forget it as soon as I leave the house).

I would love to have an Etsy shop. Maybe jewellery, silver and turquoise, maybe purple, delicate bracelets and things. At least if none of them sold, I would have an awesome jewellery collection.

Maybe I always think my shower thoughts are so good, because as I’m drifting off mentally, the ideas running through my head are not entirely being expressed in words, rather abstract semantic sequences. As soon as I try to verbalise them, the words I use just don’t do them justice, and they turn into a pile of bad idea mush.

Why do people even play golf, it’s like signing up for “watching paint dry” classes. Is that what life is like when you’re older? Golf and bowls are as good as it gets? I hope I’m more into running and yoga and generally being sassy when I’m old.



I feel like I should clarify that these are not typical shower thoughts – the interesting, thought provoking statements that make you view the world or yourself in a different way. No, these are actual thoughts I have had in the shower. I’m sorry if they dissappoint. Not really that sorry though.



  1. The best thing about this post:
    the umlaut over Shrodinger’s O; where can it be on the querty board?

    Next, so if pizza tastes like salad [a bit untasty] then it is the possible un-tastiness that help you to relieve yourself of the desire to eat it BUt what about chocolate!!


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