My Story

I work as a full time video editor, graphic designer, web adviser and effects creator; the bulk of my time going to video editing. But I also love spinning a yarn!

In my spare time I love watching YouTube, working on my newly acquired house, cooking, gardening, hiking swimming running climbing and adventuring.

I tend to go through phases in life, where I turn certain questions over and over in my head. Right now, I’m thinking about living simply; about embracing minimalism and frugality, and paying off my damn mortgage as quickly as possible, while focusing on filling my life with family, friends and happy experiences.

I’ve also become increasingly aware of the health, financial and environmental benefits of eating less or no meat. I’ve tried becoming a vegetarian in the past by just changing all my eating habits overnight, but I have had no success with this method. So about a year ago I began giving up  beef, lamb and pork, and by Christmas 2015 I was just eating chicken or fish. Chicken was the hardest thing to give up – I love chicken and I couldn’t shake the belief that chicken was good for you (it’s lean protein right?) for a long time. It took lots of thought and reading to finally shake that old way of thinking, but I finally (July 2016) gave up chicken. I still eat fish once every month or two, but I am aiming to have stopped eating fish by the end of the year (2017). Its taken me a long time, but it’s working – I’m learning to love lentils, chickpeas and tofu!

I’d like to share with you any particularly clever recipes I come across, on my journey to becoming a vegetarian, as well as some stories from my travels around the world, and many travels planned for the future.